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A special clinic paves the way for our advanced treatment.

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This specialty architectural firm boasts award winning credentials & was featured on the cover of the Journal of the American Dental Association.
— William Huszti DDS

Comfort by Design

Your dental care experience is too important to be left to chance. That's why we began with the Huszti Dental Building and a special clinic designed by an award winning specialty firm. Rear delivery dental systems were carefully planned to insure dental instruments were near but out of sight while our patients enjoy sweeping views of nature.

Our family of comfort technologies address the stigmas of dental care from a by- gone era. The precision of computerized anesthetic provides optimum comfort to keep our patients comfortable. And a very different experience than the traditional syringe. Noise reduction headsets & iPod’s cancel the sounds of the drill while iPad’s provide a fun and productive distraction during appointments.

Your comfort & health are our top priorities. We are committed to providing you and your family with the most rewarding dental care experience each and every time you walk through our doors. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Patient Centered Care & Technology

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Our patient-centered philosophy is central in our team culture and reflected in our technology. Our office leverages 17 computer workstations throughout to keep information at our fingertips.

Leaders in dental office design were employed.

With this niche team the smallest details were addressed blending aesthetics and ergonomics, environmental psychology, and technical knowledge.

"Each treatment room stays abreast of details such as the time of your arrival to insure you are seen promptly."

Whether digital x-rays, laser diagnostics, or computerized anesthetic the challenge has been to find them a discrete home in the treatment room. Rear delivery dental systems were carefully designed to insure dental instruments are near but out of sight while our patients enjoy sweeping views of nature.

Comfort Technologies

Noise reduction headsets & iPod’s minimize the sounds of the drill while iPad’s provide a fun and productive distraction during appointments-browse comfort & amenities. 

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Computerized Anesthetic

Everyday we reach for our computerized anesthetic to keep our patients comfortable, a remarkably different experience than the traditional syringe.

Trending treatment

As appeared in the Hometown Newspaper interview:

Family dentistry and cosmetic services have always been a big part of our practice. For the last several years we’ve noticed a growing demand for dental implants and “invisible” orthodontic treatments too. A big part of the dental services we provide involve the use of high-tech instrumentation...computerized anesthetic to keep our patients comfortable,...Digital x-rays are another favorite.
— William Huszti DDS
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Digital x-rays "Dexis Platinum"

Striking images are produced while using 80% less radiation than conventional x-rays. Digital X-rays have had a significant impact on our prevention plans by helping us identify potential problems early. Early identification and early intervention make treatment both easier & less expensive.

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Intra-oral Cameras

  • Chair-side aides

  • Enhanced communication 

  • Prevention and treatment

  • easy to see and understand


Patients are enjoying the large screen and touch sensitive navigation to browse the web, read the New York Times or play a game during appointments. Exploring the “apps” can be a fun and productive distraction too and there’s something for everyone.

The doctors and staff are finding the portability and crisp screen an exciting enhancement to our patient education protocols. For example our YouTube video’s can be held and played in our patients lap. Another favorite utilizes an album of oral health related images accessed through a drawing “app”. This allows the doctors another tool to discuss prevention or treatment options. A lot of techies are weighing in on the subject of the iPad. Some are calling it a “game changer”. At Huszti dental Care we see the immediate benefits for our patients but what really excites us is what we’ll think of next!

Diode Laser - science not fiction

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When high precision is required our diode laser is hard to beat. The interaction of laser light with the soft tissue provides a special approach to surgery. A highly focused laser beam gently vaporizes the target tissue.

 The benefits are noteworthy:

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  • Gentle and comfortable

  • No stitches

  • Faster healing

  • Minimal bleeding

  • Less anesthesia needed

  • High-energy beam sterilizes the area

  • Patients report more comfort post-op


When it comes to high tech solutions we see the “light”!

“Cool Blue” -white filling curing light

  • Light emitting diode
  • New cordless design
  • Smart – 2 computer chips control output and exposure time
Cavities don’t stand a chance
— Kim & Sue
 Kim & Sue: Familiar faces-  30+ years at Huszti dental

Kim & Sue: Familiar faces-  30+ years at Huszti dental

   Laser Cavity detection

  • early detection
  • prevention 

Multimedia Patient Education - “Caesey”

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  • Helping you to get the most from your appointment

  • Quick explanations using sight, sound, and motion are hard to forget.

Erkoform -RVE Thermoforming system

  •        New addition to our Laboratory
  •        Custom whitening trays
  •       Bite splints
  •       Sports mouth guards

Ultrasonic cleanings- The Piezon system

  •        Available with your hygienist
  •       The latest in ultrasonic cleaning technology

Panoramic X-ray

  •       A single comprehensive x-ray
  •      Able to screen a variety of conditions for both children and adults

“Optilux 501” -white filling curing light

  •      High performance Ultraviolet light
  •      4 speed light output
  •     New turbo light guide

Practice Works software

  • Chair side computers
  • Chair side Scheduling
  • Clinical data management

Telescopic Glasses

  • Examinations and Treatment under high magnification.
  • Helping achieve meticulous and high quality results

Tulsa Endodontic hand piece

  •     Rotary nickel titanium instruments
  •    The latest in root canal technology